Проба пера по-английски

Мы публикуем короткую статью одной из наших студенток, которая была написана всего после 1 недели ее пребывания в доме нашего преподавателя. Это оригинальная неотредактированная статья, которая свидетельствует о хорошем уровне английского языка. Ждите продолжения рассказа…


“As the saying is I asked for it, I got it.

        Margaret picked me up at the station in Hastings. To be honest I could not imagine how to behave at the time of the first meeting: to shake a hand or say smiling “Hi” or both.  We met as though we were old friends. I was touched and it was a pleasure for me.

        The British are said to be not very sociable and keep their distance but this turned out to be wrong. They are very friendly, quite talkative but unlike Russian they tend to be very polite and smile a lot. Their smiles dissappear when you turn away nevertheless it is much better than an instinctive rudeness.

        Hastings is a typically English town whose main attraction is the medieval Old Town nestled between the beauty of the East and West Hills with its narrows streets, antique shops, boutiques and  pubs near the sea. At first sight this is an appropriate place to recharge my batteries and the most important thing is all people speak English. They do not need to learn it! All right for somebody!

        Margaret and David`s house is located at the heart of the historic Hastings Old Town and has 5 floors.  My bedroom is on the fourth one with an incredible views of the sea and roofs of the houses. It`s a very cosy  despite there is nothing special. I have my own bathroom with two taps in the wash stand. Who invented it? So I have to learn to wash up in English.

        Except Margaret and David the charming doggy Hurdy (or lovely boy) lives in the house. When you come home he brings you somebody`s slippers or shoes, not necessarily yours. By the way, more often than not Margaret and David use the word “lovely”. All their life is lovely, one word in ten is lovely. I hope at the end of my staying here everything with me will be lovely as well.

Every so often I take Huddy for a walk on the East Hill. There isare fantastic views over the town and the sea. Sometimes The sea looks like a mirror,  sometimes it looks like the ocean from the science fiction novel “Solaris” by Stanisław Lem. There are a lot of people taking their dogs for a walk. Meeting each other they greet and smile. I tried to do the same but my smile has striking resemblance with a Cheshire cat grin. Russian are not used to lighting with pleasure seen the like. What sort of people are they? Lovely, absolutely lovely!”

To be continued…………….

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