Летний курс с Соней и Маргарет

  Публикуем отзывы нашего студента Федора из России,  о преподавательницах, в доме которых Федор изучал английский язык летом 2014 года.


 Sonia is amazing teacher. I spent two lovely weeks with her. Every weekday I had a very interesting lesson with own theme. After lessons Sonia and I had a free time in London, it was wonderful. Usually we went to different museums and tourist attractions.

Sonia has two jovial daughters which live with her. Every evening we played different board games with all family.

This two weeks were very interesting and full of new experience. I would like to come back to Sonia and spend more time with her wonderful family!


 Margaret is real professional. I spent two weeks with her in a beautiful town – Hastings. She has a very big and nice house in the center of town. Every day Margaret her husband David and I had a marvelous walks around Hastings.”

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